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Private Parties

Here at The Vintage Canvas, we offer a wide range of private parties! 

The types of private parties that we offer;

  • Bridal showers

  • Baby showers

  • Bachelorette 

  • Adult parties

  • Drag Queen parties

Plus, much more


Food, drinks and decorations are welcome!


We also work with Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts with special rates!


Private Party Basic Information 


Private party cost is determined on the piece that is chosen and or the style of the party. 

Basic parties are 2 to 3 hours.

Length of time will be determined when booking. 

Party time overage- We do plan our calendar and days in order of parties so when a party goes past the time frame there will be an additional charge as follows- 

 10- 30 minutes more- $50 

30 minutes to 60 minutes- $75 more. 


Embellishments are priced per piece and range from $1 and up. 

Once we begin class we are here to help! 


We are not responsible for damaged stencils once given out.

Damaged stencil after we begin- 

$5 to replace basic, $15 to replace a porch sign. 


We are not responsible for misspellings on personalized stencils. Please double check spelling and dates before submitting orders. 

Damaged wood once created. 

Or errors done during painting. If a piece is not completed in the time frame allotted, we will provide a take home kit! 

Take home kits are only $5 more and you can finish at your own pace! 


If for any reason you and your guests would like to come back to complete unfinished pieces we will be happy to book that with you at an additional small fee. 

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